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Designed the Way You Want Them

As custom cabinet makers, we aren’t limited to a certain library of options. Any species, color, or style you’d like, we can make it.

Cabinet Makers – Cabinet Installers – Same Guys

The guys who assemble the cabinets here in our shop are the same guys who install them. This prevents untold problems upon installation. On the rare occasions where mistakes are made we will have replacements turned around in a matter of days – not weeks.

Better Customer Experience

We don’t like the feeling of having a salesman “push a sale” on us so we never try to make anyone feel like this either. We just let our showroom do the selling for us and you can do the same for yourself when you bring your customers here. You can give them a full tour of our showroom to let them see and feel all the options and possibilities. If they’re interested we can also give them a tour of our shop – most homeowners love this part.

We Know Construction

Our engineers, cabinet makers, and installers all have a background in residential construction so we thoroughly understand the whole process, from start to finish. We know the process, we know the lingo, and we like to work with designers who appreciate that depth of understanding.

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Higher Quality

Have you noticed how nearly everything you buy seems to be lowering their quality by using cheaper materials that are designed for shorter lifecycles? We don’t like this and that’s why we have made a three-fold commitment.

1) Raise our standards while the other guys lower theirs.

2) Only use high-quality materials.

3) Design and build our cabinets to be heirloom quality.

Locally Made

We have committed to keeping our business as local as possible, serving the designers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio area, while also trying to keep our materials supplied by people and businesses in our area. Plus, the added benefit of giving your customers a tour of our shop is irreplaceable. Homeowners typically love to see real people working on their jobs rather than just some machines in a factory somewhere far away.

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"The best I know in the business!"

Orange 5 stars

I have worked with Trinity on many different projects over the years. There is not a better company to handle your design needs. They are very professional, great quality work! The best I know in the business!
Beth Wess – Designer